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Clear majority against new nuclear in Finland


When being asked the question “A fifth nuclear reactor is under construction in
Finland. Do you support building more nuclear power in Finland in addition to
the fifth reactor?”, 53% said no, 34% said yes, 12% did not have a position.

The result flies in the face of the impression the nuclear lobby, some leading Finnish politicians and media want to maintain.

The supporters were asked also “In addition to the fifth reactor, three other applications for building new nuclear power are in the pipeline. Should the
government allow the construction of one, two or three more nuclear reactors
during this electoral term, i.e. by 2011?”. 20%-points of those responding yes
to the first question wanted one reactor, 7% wanted two and 4% wanted three (which is what the industry is proposing).

The poll was carried out 28 April – 6 May. The margin of error is ± 2.5% with
95% confidence interval.

Helsingin Sanomat story on the poll