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Sustainable energy solutions for Finland unveiled

17.12.2008 Lauri Myllyvirta

Greenpeace has published a practical energy roadmap that enables Finland to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 40% from current levels by 2020, relying on proven technologies and measures that can be implemented by Finnish public authorities.

Significant ancillary benefits of the model include drastically reduced dependence on imported fuels and electricity as well as creation of thousands of jobs directly in the supply chain of the new, more localized energy system, and the potential for much more as the resulting know-how is capitalized on by export industries. Initially, strong government incentives are needed to kick-start the revolution, but up-front costs will be recovered by 2020 in the form of reduced outlays on generation capacity, fuels and emission credits.

A 2-page English summary of the model.
Slideshow on the model in English