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28.06.2008 Greenpeace airship in front of Finnish Parliament House
A Greenpeace airship, measuring 44 meters, has been inflated in front of the House of the Finnish Parliament. The airship carriers a banner on each side, reading “Nuclear power – non merci” and “Mistake, screw-up, Olkiluoto 3”. Greenpeace is calling on the Finnish government to turn down applications for new nuclear reactors in Finland, as Olkiluoto 3 has already turned out to be a fiasco in terms of emission reductions, economics and nuclear safety. >>

08.05.2008 Clear majority against new nuclear in Finland
When being asked the question “A fifth nuclear reactor is under construction in Finland. Do you support building more nuclear power in Finland in addition to the fifth reactor?”, 53% said no, 34% said yes, 12% did not have a position. >>

15.07.2007 Support for new nuclear plummeting in Finland
Support for building another nuclear power plant in Finland has almost halved in two months. Opponents of nuclear power now clearly outnumber the proponents. >>

26.04.2007 Greenpeace shuts down EPR construction in France
Flamanville (France), 26 April 2007 – On the anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, 30 Greenpeace activists from six European nations have halted construction at the site of EDF’s proposed new European Pressurized Water Reactor (EPR). Protestors warned of increased nuclear contamination risks across Europe, should this new generation of reactors be adopted. >>

04.04.2007 Greenpeace calls for halt to nuclear construction in Olkiluoto
Greenpeace activists protested today at the building site of the new nuclear reactor at Olkiluoto, Finland. The nuclear reactor project Olkiluoto 3 has run into severe safety problems and its financing is being investigated by the European Commission because of suspected illegal state aid. The project is now 1.5 years behind timetable and way over budget. Greenpeace demands that construction of the first EPR reactor in the world should be frozen, until the hundreds of safety violations are addressed and the French supplier Areva commits to fully remanufacture all faulty components. >>

03.04.2007 Greenpeace ship at Olkiluoto
Greenpeace vessel Arctic Sunrise is anchored in front of the the nuclear reactor under construction in Olkiluoto, Finland to highlight the safety problems of the project. Today a media conference for Finnish and international media was held at the site. >>

22.03.2007 Areva admits more failures – severe problems remain unaddressed
The nuclear plant supplier Areva has admitted that all the primary circuit pipes of OL3 are faulty and will be recast. The installation of damaged and illegally manufactured steel container of the reactor will go on, however. >>

04.12.2006 OL3 Problems No Surprise
TVO has announced today that the completion of OL3 nuclear project will be delayed 18 months instead of 12 months. According to Greenpeace, the main reason is Areva’s attempt to push down costs at the expense of safety and reliability. >>

24.10.2006 Illegal Nuclear Subsidies Must Be Repaid
The European Commission announced today that it will launch an investigation on whether the public subsidies the nuclear power plant built by Teollisuuden Voima has received are against European anti-trust legislation. The Commission has been considering the issue for two years as a result of complaints from Greenpeace and the European Renewable Energies Federation. Greenpeace considers the Commission’s new announcement as an important step forward and sees a clear need for a complete investigation as promised by the Commission. >>

12.10.2006 Finnish Taxpayers to Pay the Cost of OL3 Problems
Delay of Olkiluoto nuclear power plant due to problems with safety and quality is set to cost the Finnish taxpayers serious money, if the Finnish government has its way. The Trade and Industry Ministry has, without any notification to the public or parliament, increased the proposed allocation of CO2 emission credits to industry and utilities by almost EUR300 million because of the delay. >>

28.09.2006 Big Losses on Olkiluoto a Warning to Barroso
BRUSSELS Significant financial losses on the EU’s only nuclear power plant under construction should serve as a warning to the European Commission not to back the technology in its forthcoming Strategic Energy Review, Greenpeace said today. >>

17.10.2006 Highlights of the Olkiluoto-3 review by STUK
The new nuclear power plant project in Finland has been plagued by safety problems and delays. There have been problems e.g. in manufacturing the steel liner that is essential in protecting the core from external threats and containing dangerous substances in case of an accident as well as the concrete base slab that should support and protect the structure. This is a brief compilation of the findings of a report by the Finnish public nuclear safety authority published July 2006. >>

12.07.2006 Nuclear Safety Standards Violated in Olkiluoto
Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) has today published a report on the deficient concrete of the base slab of the reactor under construction in Olkiluoto. Greenpeace is shocked by the complete failure of quality control revealed by the report. >>

28.09.2006 Selected headlines on OL3
Some examples of critical voices that are starting to appear also in the Finnish media that is usually pro-nuclear. >>

14.12.2006 Risks of Uranium Mining – Case Areva
Greenpeace has published a report on the environmental crimes of the French nuclear company Areva to highlight the potential risks and impacts represented by uranium mines. Areva is now planning uranium mines in Finland. >>

05.06.2006 Activists confronted the French prime minister in Helsinki
Greenpeace activists greeted the French prime minister Dominique de Villepin today in Helsinki with a demonstration, as Villepin met the chair of the Finnish parliament to discuss energy policy. The demonstrators erected a ten meter high inflatable nuclear reactor in front of the parliament main building and unfurled banners saying “STOP EPR” and “EPR – Non Merci”. In the afternoon Villepin is to visit Eurajoki. >>

12.09.2005 Foundations laid for a dead end energy policy
About a hundred anti-nuclear activists protested today in conjunction with the ceremonial laying of the foundation stone of a new nuclear reactor at Olkiluoto in western Finland. The demonstrators wore yellow T-shirts and hold banners with text “Nuclear Dead End”, referring to the road taken in Finnish energy policy. Two of Finland’s existing four reactors are also located in Olkiluoto. >>