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Foundations laid for a dead end energy policy


About a hundred anti-nuclear activists protested today in conjunction with the ceremonial laying of the foundation stone of a new nuclear reactor at Olkiluoto in western Finland. The demonstrators wore yellow T-shirts and hold banners with text “Nuclear Dead End”, referring to the road taken in Finnish energy policy. Two of Finland’s existing four reactors are also located in Olkiluoto.

Photo: Henna Tahvanainen
“Climate change cannot be countered with another environmental problem. It’s stupidity. Today 3% of global energy needs are covered by nuclear power, and already the dealing with nuclear waste and control of nuclear weapons material have faced insurmountable obstacles globally. Everyone can imagine what would be the negative consequences of a dramatic increase in nuclear power and yet, how little it would do for the climate,” says Meri Pukarinen, chairperson of Friends of the Earth Finland and one of the protestors at Olkiluoto.

Photo: Henna Tahvanainen

Besides obvious security concerns, the construction of new nuclear power reactor will not lead Finland on a sustainable emissions path. “TVO, the privately owned power company constructing the Olkiluoto reactor, gives a prime example of the hypocrisy in Finnish climate policy: the company talks of combating climate change but is a major stake holder in the country’s newest and largest coal fired condensing plant in Meri-Pori,” says Jonas Biström, activist of the Finnish Society for Nature and Environment.

Photo: Henna Tahvanainen
“The new Climate and Energy Strategy to be brought to parliamentary deliberation this fall will provide an opportunity to search for a sustainable course in Finnish energy policy, instead of the cheap tricks we’re witnessing today. Finland must adopt energy solutions, which can be applied anywhere in the world without serious safety concerns. We must not be led to the dead ends the industry is constructing,” says Laura Tuominen, General Secretary of the Left Youth of Finland.

Today’s action was carried out by activists of following organisations: Friends of the Earth, The Nature League, Greenpeace, Finnish Assoc. for Nature Conservation, The Finnish soc. for Nature and Environment, Women Against Nuclear Power, No more Nuclear Power- movement, Left Youth of Finland, Federation of Green Youth and Students’ and The Independent Left at the University of Helsinki

Further info:
Meri Pukarinen, chairperson, Friends of the Earth Finland, tel.+358 50 329 3479
Jonas Biström, member of board, Finnish Soc. for Nature and Environment, tel. +358 44 021 6668,
Laura Tuominen, General Secretary, The Left Youth of Finland, tel. +358 40 730 9360