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Selected headlines on OL3

28.09.2006 Lauri Myllyvirta

Some examples of critical voices that are starting to appear also in the Finnish media that is usually pro-nuclear.

Ympäristö magazine (1/2007) quotes Petteri Tiippana, STUK Office Director as saying:

“There was a long list of serious problems in the safety practices of the project.”

“Nuclear safety management was surprisingly weak in the beginning. It seems that the French came here thinking that Finland is a developing country where you’re allowed to do anything.”

Finnish main newspaper Helsingin Sanomat Jul 13 2006:
Stuk: Control of Nuclear Contractors Inadequate – Impacts on Safety Debated

Tekniikka&Talous;, large Finnish economics newspaper Aug 28 2006:
Olkiluoto 3 Running into Trouble – STUK Report on Nuclear Construction Site a Terrifying Read

Talouselämä, large Finnish economics newspaper:
Oui, a cheap nuclear power plant! (Oct 25 2005): “The work could hardly go much more wrong (…). Even if TVO got the plant for a very low price, the progress thereafter is a lesson on what you get when you buy cheap.”

Talouselämä Sep 28 2006: The French Facing Huge Losses in Olkiluoto

Talouselämä Aug 14 2006: Finland Used as a Nuclear Guinea Pig